39 and completely shocked by this BFP!!

Heather • 39yrs old with 2 grown boys - 18 and 21. Engaged and starting an amazing life over again.

Ladies!! I am shocked beyond anything! Was not expecting this at all and am pretty much in a daze. This is an honest to goodness BFP?! Backstory, I’m 39 and my SO is 32. I have a 21yr old and 18yr old from my last relationship. We knew we wanted to at least try to conceive a child together but also that the odds were not great. Figured on trying 6-12 months and if it happened great, if not we’d be okay. So 2 months ago I started using OPK’s. Taking prenatals and CoQ10. Then July 22nd had the IUD removed, first ovulation day was Aug 2. BD a couple times but not too close because we just closed on our house Aug 5. Took a test at 9DPO and negative. Thought okay first month done and will try harder second month. Period due tomorrow and mid morning I was cleaning and thought ok what the heck, I have a huge box of tests let’s do one more. I tested and set it down, putted around for 5 minutes and grabbed it to throw it away. And BOOM! I feel so fortunate ❤️. I wanted to do a cute announcement but I was so shook I immediately ran and grabbed my love. We cried!! And then this happened!

Wow! Sorry for the long story!