Is this strange

I’m going on a date with a guy I met a few months ago on a dating website. He says he’s an attorney and his profile bio says “you will not be disappointed if you meet me. If I appear to be from out of town and wink at you and make an offer, it means I would be in town shortly.” He says he has children and a graduate degree.

In my bio I put that I’m from a different town than I am to give myself some privacy and he started asking me this...

I’m trying to hide my actual town for privacy reasons but I find it odd that he said “I’ll be in town shortly”. He asked me where I would want to get food and I told him the place aka my town name (that I live in now) and he got suspicious and told me that I could go to a different pizza place in my fake towns name which I don’t understand why he asked where I wanna go then to tell me of a place in my fake town to go to. I told him I never tried the food place ( in my fake town) and that I go to food places in my old town (the one I live in now)

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