Pedophile at McDonald's.

You guys.. I never thought this would ever happen to me. All I can say is be aware of your surroundings at all time and look out for other women. Here it goes

I was meeting with someone today at McDonald's to sell her a diaper bag. She was running very late and my fussy 15 month old was not having it. I decided to run inside and grab her a milk and yogurt and let her run off some energy in the play area while we waited. I walked into the closed off playground area and sat her down to eat. She saw all of the other kids playing and gave me the cue to let her run loose. So I got up leaving our things at the table and walked her over to the designated toddler area not even 10 feet away. Most of the kids there at the time were older so I jumped in to play with her while keeping and eye on our stuff as well. Then in walks this man that seems to be around 50. He immediately walks straight to my things and starts picking through my daughter's happy meal, examining her 360 cup, picking up my phone. I see him and run straight over yelling, "excuse me can I help you?!" He immediately backs away with his hands in the air. I grab my things and bring them with me back to the toddler area.. but now my mommy instincts are telling me something weird.. a few kids leave and it's only me, my daughter, and another mommy and daughter in the play area.. this man, with no child btw, sits himself in a corner with his legs facing away from everyone but his head turned staring at our daughters playing. The other mother seemed very unaware so I kept my eyes open. Then I hear it.. his belt buckle comes undone.. I immediately turn my head to see his hands between his legs moving. I froze, was this SERIOUSLY F*ING HAPPENING. he then bends down and grabs a beer out of a paper bag he has on the floor, takes a sip, and replaces it in the bag so it is unseen. The other mother is still oblivious to the situation, however she was also sitting in a corner which she could not see him from. I immediately typed a message on my phone... " I'm not sure if you are aware but the man sitting to our left behind the pillar has been touching himself. He is also drinking alcohol. I don't feel safe. I am leaving and will wait for you if you'd like to leave also".. I walked over and sat beside her, casually pretending to put my child's shoes back on. I slipped my phone across the table to her. She immediately made her child come over to her and grabbed her belongings. She thanked me and we left to tell the manager and the manager notified police. There were a million possible ways I could have dealt with this however I saw this as the safest way especially considering alcohol was involved.

Update: thanks everyone ☺️ all of your comments make me really proud of myself. Also I most definitely got police involved. However I needed to get myself and the other mother away from the situation before doing so. We gave our statement and he was arrested and is being charged. McDonald's did have him on camera so that evidence is also on my side. Like I said I could have acted violently however with alcohol involved I decided against it, also he was a much bigger man and if I would have beat him I would also be sitting in jail, although I most definitely would have if I needed to protect my baby further. I cried the entire way home thinking about the fact that anyone can look at children sexually and especially at the fact that someone looked at MY child that way.