Sleep regression for those who haven't sleep trained



Prior to the sleep regression / progression my boy was a good sleeper, just woke once for feed then back down. Gone to shit now with frequent waking the last two or three nights so I think it may be the regression and changes to his sleep cycles etc.

I normally nurse him to sleep for each sleep, and have done no form of sleep training whatsoever. This was going to be my plan to carry on like this for the foreseeable and maybe work on him being able to fall asleep independently in a gentle way from six months.

Everything I read for surviving the regression is essentially mom shaming me for having not worked on sleep training already, and that I shluld fast let let him learn to fall asleep independently.

But I don't want to. To each there own, no judgment, but for now I want to be there for him and respond to every cry and continue to nurse to sleep.

I know others out there have nursed to sleep for longer and haven't had to magically stop at the four month mark because of the regression, so I just wondered.... Can anyone whos using a similar approach to me please comment with some encouragement, or let me know how long it lasted before your little one slept better again? I'm happy to plough on through, but most Dr Google pages essentially say I'm doomed until I sleep train. Surely this will just pass though!??