Bad mom

I honestly feel like a bad mom.. my daughter is 7 weeks old she’s not even back to her birth weight yet. She has to go to the doctors for weight checks every 3 days to a week and her pediatrician is so rude to me like I don’t feed or anything she literally makes us record her feedings, diaper changes, and her sleeping every single day. My daughter is failure to thrive she has thrush so she hasn’t gained much weight because her mouth is in pain she’s been cranky and fussy a lot when I was feeding her cause of the thrush. She still has it, and she’s eating more but she would barely eat when she had it she was spitting up the medicine and sometimes both milk and formula. I’m already changing her pediatrician the first week of September since I can’t do it since it’s the middle of the month and if I do it, I will have to pay for all the doctor bills. She makes me feel so bad.. she gives me an attitude every single time even about changing her formula, not giving her the acid reflux medicine when she would spit up even more etc. I just feel like a failure as a mom.. I’m changing her pediatrician since she gave my daughter her hep b shot and gave her a increased amount for her age. All her newborn screening is coming back normal, blood work when she was admitted for the weight loss all came back normal and now she wants to do a abdominal ultrasound to see why she’s barely gaining weight. I just feel like a bad mom since she’s not gaining any weight, and I feel like it’s my fault even though, I feed her a lot and she’s barely gaining anything 😭😭