Is this being forced?

So I haven't seen my bf in a while and I will finally see him. He said this as a joke (but I know he means it) he wants me to give him a blow job, I said no. He started saying stuff like "Oh come on, even just a little bit". I keep saying no and then he said

"oh I know you will do it in the end"

"You love me too much"

"You'll do it out of love"

"You'll do it in the very end"

I felt... So... Ashamed for some reason?

Uncomfortable. He was expecting stuff like that. I kept saying no and no. I felt as he was trying to persuade me to say yes, forcing me to say yes to something. I didn't want. I don't know what to call it. But I feel so... Sad and upset and uncomfrotable for what he said. For some reason I felt like a slut??? I don't know. I just felt like there was no respect towards my decision right there.

What would you call this situation?


thanks for rhe suggestions.

My bf was mostly syartrd saying that as a joke and I am aure he didn't notoce that was a type of manipulation and how I feel with it.

I will talk to him aboit ir.