I needed somewhere to share the news!

April • 20. EDD 4/23/2020 with our rainbow 🌈

So this is going to be a long post. I’ve been TTC for 8 months now. I’ve had 2 chemical pregnancies and a ton of heart breaking negatives. One in March and one in June. My own doctors wouldn’t even help me and see that I had the chemicals. She thinks I’m crazy. So besides that I’ve been feeling off this past week. Headaches here and there, hungry all the time, bloated like crazy, etc.

So I decided Wednesday night to test just because I was curious

Boom VFL. I told my sister first and she was like omg what. So I was like hmm idk I’ll just try another test the next day and see what that gives me. Now I’m happy but I’m no where near excited yet.

The next day comes as it’s Thursday and I’ve been weird the past few days where my SO has started to kinda catch on the something was up. But I hid it from him well..

I’m almost over the moon. The line started to get darker.

At this point it’s Friday and I’m exhausted because I was up at 5 for work and ready to fall asleep standing up. My SO goes and does him thing because he’s a parts delivery driver as we work at the same plant. So I got to hang out with my mom and I tell my mom. Doesn’t she tell me to take another one!?

So I’m like okay I will so I bought a few more cheapies and I also had a digital left over from a few months ago. Didn’t know if I should take one or both so my mom and sister say both.

Now I’m already curious so I ran an hour away from where I live to go get one of those letter boards to announce to my SO because I gotta one up myself from the last time.

Time comes for me to test again.

So at this point I’m like holy shit maybe I am pregnant. So taking the digital wouldn’t hurt would it?

There I am waiting and waiting for 3 WHOLE MINUTES. A million things were going threw my head. Then it said it..

And I was so in shock!! So I quickly showered and ran in the room said don’t come in and locked the door behind me.

20 minuets later and an extremely happy new daddy-to-be

Baby Ryan due April 2020