I am FURIOUS!!!!!! *long post*

So this momma right here is ready to lose her shit... at first I was like okay that’s just a man thing BUT THIS IS A WHOLE NEW FUCKING LEVEL.

Yesterday evening I found out my husband was watching porn, (it hurt alittle because we made homemade stuff that he could watch) I’m 5 weeks postpartum and I was recently cleared and I get it he needed to release his sexual tension... but then I accidentally forgot my phone at my grandparents and I used his. Well during my time using is phone I found out he was Snapchatting other women.. and paying for their nudes. ‘A lifetime subscription’ of them.. me and him have over 3 years of friendship on Snapchat and we snapped 70,xxx times. He added these ladies during my pregnancy.. In January and February and have exchanged Snapchat photos over 22,000 times!!!!! 🤬🤬🤬 Since FUCKING JANUARY!!!! IM SO FUCKING PISSED.

Oh and our 1 year anniversary is tomorrow 🙄