Postnatal depression?


My baby is 2 weeks old and I am really struggling. I had a c section so had a very rough start with a lot of pain and not being able to do much with baby part from feed him and cuddle him. Last year my husband and I lost our little girl at 20 weeks where she passed away not long after she was born.

However I’m stressing that I have postnatal depression and don’t know what to do and feel I can’t talk to my family as I don’t want to stress them out. I love my baby boy more then anything and have a great bond with him but because I lost my little

Girl last year I am terrified I will loose my boy. I don’t sleep at night because I just sit up and watch him to make sure he’s breathing, I’m so scared something will happen to him like get really sick or stop breathing etc. all I do is cry because I am so worried about him and just love him so so much!

Sorry for the long post but I just had to let it all out! 😢😢