Stressful pregnancy


I decided to keep my baby and the first two weeks was ok when everybody found out but now i just feel like everybody is trying to hurt my feelings and nobody cares that I’m pregnant...i work 6 days a week at a air port 3-cl everyday depending on the last flight i could do anywhere from a 9 to 11 hour shift and it’s exhausting i got a doctors note saying i can’t close nomore and i need morning shifts ..and my head manger gonna tell me u want morning shifts i want a million dollars and refused to change my other manger are literally always making smart comments about me being pregnant because i got pregnant by a co worker(who left the jobs months before

I got pregnant)they say little comments like “i feel sorry for ur baby”, “I’m disappointed in you why would let him get u pregnant” time i told my manger my back hurts and he gonna say “you probably was on ur knees to long” and makes jokes other sexual remarks .. it’s to the point where I’m just like did i make the right mom is very bipolar as she’s a narcissist one minute she’s like oh yea my grandchild then the next minute she’s cursing me out telling me to get out find a place I’m a stupid bitch and my baby is going to be mentally challenged..i wanted to name my baby girl a name that was different and nobody had(radio) and my mom decided to tell my family members in a way where she was mocking my decision..everybody started laughing at me and then my aunt baby father decided to scream at me and tells me ur baby is going to be a bum and homeless with that name literally yelling at me ..then be and my baby father fights over little things its because of the hormones but sometimes i feel like i would be ok if he left he treats me good but I’m not inlove with him i do love him but im not inlove ..anyways we both was pot heads pot heads and he decided to stop along with me when i found out at 4 weeks but yesterday i called him he was out with his friends which is weird becuase he never does that ..i FaceTime when i come home from work a 10 hour shift i just wanna talk to my boo but he tells me he’s tired not putting his face in the camera which is mad weird i hang up becuase I’m mad..but something tells me call back boom guess what he’s high as a kite i felt so betrayed like I’m going Thur all these changes carrying your child and u can’t stop smoking for a few months with me I’m now giving him the silent treatment ..what do u think am i just being a brat or are these little things that would get y’all mad