I need help! I’m trying a new med this month!


So my doctor has prescribed me Clomid for the first time this month. We have been TTC for right at 2 years now. We both take vitamins around the clock, I’m drinking meal replacement nutrition shakes to make sure I’m getting all my nutrients, and I’ve been taking ovulation tests day and night, every day. The reason we put Clomid off until now is that it ups your chances of having multiples and we are already thinking we will have multiples (both sides of both of my family skips a generation and I’m next in line, as well as his moms family skips a generation and he’s next in line). He didn’t want a sextuplets situation 😅🤷🏼‍♀️🙈 although, I wouldn’t mind it much 🤪

Anyways, we start Clomid in a few days and I was hoping some of you ladies had some tips that helped you conceive on Clomid? We use preseed, we both lay with our feet in the air (moral support from him of course 🥰), and we try to take it slow and make it last. I’ve been taking mucinex as requested by my doctor because it thins out your cervical mucus, which makes the sperm more likely to reach my eggs, and i want to know if there’s any other tips you girls have, to help this be our month?

We miscarried back in June and it was devastating. Any advice welcome for this month to be a successful one!