Frustration with you adults

Time management? Multitasking? Are these skills they developed in our lives? I can breastfeed while helping with homework and making dinner. I’m in school and work and I have more than one child. Please forgive my “ignorance (as in lack of knowledge)” as to why these skills aren’t sharp for you. My children all have a nice gap between them (2-4 years). And because I’m homeschooling my almost three year old, I just don’t understand. Our children should’ve established their own wonky little schedules. You should know if he/she sleeps that it will be for so long.

But to see women attacking each other for breastfeeding or formula feeding! To see the audacity of someone to say “breastfeeding is a cop out”?!?!? You’re ridiculous! And that’s bs! If you don’t have something nice to say, please put it back in your pocket.

Some are first time moms and really need the help. I keep my life and lifestyle private because it’s what works for me. I plan out my dinners ahead of time. I give my preschooler a snack when the baby is ready to nurse. My child is usually in her carrier to give me two free hands. I swaddle in stretchy blankets to get extra sleep minutes.

Do what makes you and your children happy 💕