Would this bother you?

Guys I'm in a tough spot. My husband and I are very different. I'm from the south and he's from California. Since the beginning of our relationship, the way he dressed sort of bothered me. He DOESN'T care. He'll wear bright yellow basketball shorts, a red dress polo, and boots. Like he's a handsome man but the dressing thing always drove me nuts. Luckily he doesn't care and I help him pick out things that go together. I've always grown up in a household where having a good appearance is a necessity. Not fake and over the top but like...match, look clean, hair brushed, clothes fit, etc. Well today we were going to the doctor's office (it's a university linked office and it's really nice). I straightened my hair and put on a casual sundress. Our son is wearing shorts and a shirt with tennis shoes. I look at my husband and he's wearing a hot pink golden girls shirt that's way too tight, basketball shorts, torn up flip flops, and a chunky Bluetooth around his neck. I wish I didn't care about this stuff but I couldn't help it. I asked if he wanted to wear actual shorts and maybe a shirt that fits. He claims I really dented his confidence and he got really sad, so he said he was waiting in the car. I felt bad and told him that I wanted him to come in and I apologised. Then I turn around and he's also carrying his monster energy drink. I'm like Lord we look like straight white trash. He got really upset when I asked him to finish it before we went in. I feel bad for caring but I'm so tired of us looking like we don't care about ourselves. Does stuff like this bother you?

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