Am I on my own


So we have unexplained infertility.....doctors can't find anything wrong with us ....maybe we are just incompatible.

So we try and try and try to forget why we are trying ....the weeks become months, months become years and still no joy. Yet people around get pregnant and have babies, some with out even trying or wanting.

We have now been refered for <a href="">ivf</a>...we get 1 free we put all our faith in that 1 round or do we pay for <a href="">iui</a>? We can't afford to pay for <a href="">ivf</a>. Maybe something's arnt ment to be. Everyone says remain positive and you will get there one day ....but when....and how do you stay so happy when you feel so annoyed that there is this "something" stopping do you remain happy and talk about babies when it's all you want in the world start to doubt yourself and the world you live in ...why isn't it fair...why should you get up in a morning...why should you bother being when ...well you are so down and fed up with the world...please tell me I'm not on my own