I purchased these the other day and picked them up this morning and on day 1 of taking them, I’ve read all the reviews and the positive feedback from people that have been taking them. I hope all the reviews are true and I can finally shift all this extra weight I’ve put on, I’ve been going to the gym everyday and people have said they can see I’ve lost weight, if I have I can’t see where. I’m hoping these are going to answer all my prays and work their magic! Has anyone tried these or read about them. I see all the messages on Facebook and all the people who have tried them - I’ve got a week for them to work before I go on my hols and for my brother wedding, I don’t want to be the fat sister in the wedding pictures. I’m also hoping that with losing weight I will get my wish and fall pregnant with my 3rd child - I’ve been pregnant 4 times but only have 2 children. I can’t get over the pain and hurt from losing my last baby at 6 1/2 weeks. I’ve been so down and depressed with it, that’s why I’ve put on weight as I’ve never got over it. I know you are reading this and think what a selfish cow wanting a 3rd child, she should be happy with the 2 I’ve already got. Believe me I love my children with all my heart, that doesn’t stop the pain/ache/hurt I’m feeling from losing a baby - please don’t judge. Also after having my son 6 yes ago, I had to have my ovary and Fallopian tube removed after having my son as my Fallopian tube was disintegration and I got told I only had a 1% chance of falling.

In my heart I knew there was no way of having another one but in my head it never went away. I fell in 2016 to my shock and all my prays were answered, I had a miscarriage at 6 1/2 weeks and I was devastated - I haven’t given up on that hope and still

Hoping there is that 1% chance of falling again. 3 yrs later and I’m still trying xx