Pregnant or just bad luck?


How accurate are these tests?

I tested with this test (on the 13th)



The doctor did a pregnancy test for me with this and came up negative but there was a faint line.

after I got home the line became darker so easy to see that am pregnant.

So I did it after 2 hours of holding it in after my appointment and it came up with a faint line on a new test that the doctor gave me. What does this means? Please help

I did the test with the doctor on the 14th and I’m waiting to do a test on Monday (at home)

I missed my period. (So far this month no period) apparently the app says I’m late 11 days

I DO HAVE SYMPTOMS such as sore nipples, bloating- feels like my stomach is like a balloon, cravings- I just want to eat things im not usually this hungry and i pee a lot.

What are your thoughts?