My husband doesnt appreciate me

Kristen • Momma to my sweet baby boy 07/01/18

I am heart broken and pissed the FUCK off. My husband told me this morning that he doesnt appreciate me AGAIN and that I have an easy job. (I'm a SAHM). I asked him to give me 3 reasons why he appreciates me and he couldn't even think of one. I'm so upset and he even told me on mothers day (which was my first) that I didnt deserve to be celebrated. Im at a loss and at my witts end with this man. He thinks that because he works and "brings home the bacon" that he makes ths rules and I should worship the ground he walks on. Which I do. Until now. I am DONE being treated like garbage and I refuse to raise my son around a man who treats women, especially the mother of their child, like this.

Oh and he thinks that just because he works he shouldn't help take care of our son. I. Hate. Him.