My husband's 40th bday surprise was ruined HELP!

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So my husband's best friend is his brother, who lives in another country. We only see them once a year if we are lucky. Because of this I'm not as close to his brother and his family because I've only met them 3 times in my life. So imagine my shock when I received an incredible text from my bro in law that KILLED ME with excitement. He told me he'd like to plan a surprise for my husband's 40th bday. As someone who loves surprises I was so excited. Couldn't believe he reached out to do this. My husband is going to be SO SHOCKED. So I had a private text chat going with my bro in law, my sister in law and me. Bro in law created the chat and named it Cruise. Because basically we ended up planning a cruise, they will be flying in and meeting us on the ship. CAN YOU IMAGINE MY HUSBAND'S FACE? I CAN NOT WAIT. So I put a lock on my cell bc I didn't want my husband to see this chat while we are planning this whole thing. I told my husband I'm trying to plan a surprise so that's why I have a lock and told him don't ever touch my cell. I'm always doing surprises so he's used to this.

Now, a cruise is pretty expensive so I decided I'd tell my husband that we should book a cruise just us. He would notice the big cruise payment on our credit card. We cruise often so that part was easy. All is set, we booked it. He would never think about his brother's family joining us because he'd never expect us to communicate since we aren't that close.

Keep in my husband doesn't know that the lock on my cell is linked to the cruise.

Days later, one thing leads to another and I leave my phone unlocked and my husband casually walks by as I was focused on something, grabs my cell and goes STRAIGHT TO THE CHAT. He's like, "oooh let's see what surprise you are planning!" with a playful evil smile. I snatched my cell from his hands and it was right in the chat labeled CRUISE with his brother and sis in law messages on there, clearly visible.

The odds are 95% sure he put two and two together. It literally said cruise.

So I of course was like "STOP! We are trying to surprise you with something when we visit them next year" which is the next time he's supposed to see his brother... Little does he know he'll be seeing him much sooner on the cruise.

What do I do now? To make him think there is no way they are coming on this cruise? Is this totally blown now? I didn't have the heart to tell his brother yet that he saw the chat. One time his brother wants to surprise him and I blow it. Ughhh.... Thoughts? Ideas? Where are my surprise experts? And no I don't want to tell him, we are all so excited to surprise him. At this point I'll just deny till I die kinda thing šŸ˜‚