Has Anyone Experienced Fainting?


I've had a pretty easy pregnancy so far with zero sickness, no problems with gaining too much or little weight, and I don't get swollen fingers or ankles ever. Since about week 6 I've noticed that I get out of breath easy, it feels like the air is thin about 75% of the time.

Fast forward to Tuesday morning(26w3d) I was at work sitting in a meeting and I get the feeling I'm about to faint. My heart was racing and I started sweating profusely. I quietly got up (I didn't want to cause worry) went and got a drink of water and splashed water on my face in the bathroom (I was white as a ghost). I called my OB and they asked me to go into L&D. I felt good enough to drive myself (the hospital is only like 7 minutes from my work). They got me into a bed, did a urinalysis, blood work, and an EKG. I ate breakfast less than an hour before it happened plus I had already had about 30 oz of water by then. They didnt find anything off or wrong with me and baby was fine according to the fetal monitor and they sent me home after 3.5 hours.

This morning (Saturday) my husband and I were on our way to get breakfast and I fainted in the car. Once I came back to, it was only a couple seconds, I decided I wanted to eat breakfast first then call my OB after. The on call OB just told me to "stay hydrated and relax and don't do anything today".

My question is, has anyone else experienced fainting? Not just light headedness, but actual fainting. The on call OB contributed it to lower blood pressure entering the 3rd trimester, but now my husband is afraid to let me drive because we don't have any answers and dont know exactly why it's happening.