I hope he didn’t have girl company over

I ain’t been to my bf apartment in 2 weeks. One cuz I’ve been super busy at work so has he . I work during the day and he works at night and two the other week I was on my period and I don’t go out except to work ...We both were off yesterday and today so he invited me over . I’m cleaning up and sweep under the couch and I find used eyelash curlers. He had the nerve to say it was mine I’m like we been together how long and how many times u seen me use one of those . Then he’s like dawg this must be for one of your h*** you had over here and tosses it at his brother who was sitting on the other couch . And he’s like oh yea😑 so I’m going to clean under the other couch and my bf like stop sweeping babe you’ve cleaned enough and I’m like ok after this couch and he’s like that’s his brother couch so U might find all kinds of stuff under there . Which made me want to clean it more 😐 his brother only been there 3 days . idk how I feel right now . He swear his bm ain’t been over there . And I hate when his bro got girls over cuz he be telling them to bring a friend but he tells me when he do ...idk something just off