Does my husband really want a divorce?

I'm so confused because he acts bipolar and doesn't know it. One day he is all loving and next day he says how unhappy he is in our marriage out of the blue. I'm 27 weeks pregnant and when we first found out he got anxiety the whole first trimester disappearing at random times of the day or staying extra late at work. Now he completely changed and is always checking on me and our baby, but at times still mentions that we both need to go seperate ways. I am confused because he tells me he loves me and lately he has been showing love towards me, but last night he was like the married life isn't for him but he loves me, but I deserve better. It's too much for my mind to process or understand what he is thinking/feeling. He is a recovering alchoholic (2 months sober) and he said he is recovering for me and the baby, so I still don't get why he says the married life isn't for him and he is unhappy. It really breaks my heart and I feel damaged. I'm pregnant and hormonal so I cry every single day about it. I started seeing a therapist to discuss this matter. To summerize this, he has changed and is being overall much better with me except for the fact that he is going to walk out one day soon since he keeps saying this is not the life he wants. Each time I say I am leaving next week to find my own place so that he can be happy, he tries talking me out of it by saying that I'm pregnant and I need his help, and that I shouldn't be alone during pregnancy nor after birth.

Idk if he...

1- really fell out of love with me and is lying each time he says he does

2- has someone else waiting on him

3- afraid of child support

4- possibly gay (makes a lot of gay jokes and comments)

5- super bipolar and mentally unstable......

Any input may help. Thanks