Should i go on Birth control ?

So i lost my virginity a few weeks ago and i used plan b after as i am not ready for pregnancy at all. I’ve wanted to go on birth control for months now though cause i’ve been told it helps with period cramps and regulating periods can anyone confirm this ? i’m currently on my period and it’s 10X worse then normal which probably has something to do with taking plan b. normally my period is extremely painful and gives me constant backache, headaches nausea, cramps etc but it’s not heavy unlike this time where i’m staying up all night because the pain is unbearable and i have to change my pad. I am 16 but my mum doesn’t want me to go on birth control as she doesn’t know i’m sexually active and she thinks it could cause problems for my health in the future. i really need help with this because i want these side effects of my period to go as much as possible and not end up pregnant. any advice would be highly appreciated thank youuuu.