Would this be okay to you?

My boyfriend of two years is in the Air Force. He’s currently in Ohio for some leadership skills training and we live in Texas. He’s been there for a week and has another week to go. This whole time he’s been using uber. Anyways, he has a friend that’s a girl from his hometown that happens to be living in Ohio. He told me that she saw on his social media that he was in town and messaged him. She said she would be happy to drive him wherever he needs to go and be someone to hangout with if he wanted. (At this time he asked me if I was okay with him hanging out with her and taking her up on her offer.)

Today, being Saturday, he doesn’t have class and she texted him to say that she was going to the next city over and invited him. I trust my boyfriend, he’s never given me any reason not to, and from my understanding there’s never been anything even remotely romantic between them. I don’t have a problem with him hanging out with this friend. One of my friends asked what my boyfriend was doing with his free time and I told her. She’s saying that I’m being naive and if it was her boyfriend then she would not be okay with it.

So, is this situation okay, or am I being naive and it’s not okay?

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