Single mom asking for advice from moms who's babies dont sleep


How do you not lose your cool when you spend an hour rocking baby to sleep only to put her down and she wakes up 5 minutes later?? Got an hour of sleep last night because of that, ive been transitioning my daughter to her crib (7 months) and it was steadily getting better until last night which was the worst night of all. Im at my wits end and in those moments at 2 am after ive been rocking for hours i just feel so overwhelmed and every emotion is VERY extreme. Its like i cant calm myself down and i go into a panic and what makes it worse is knowing that my baby can feel all my negative energy which probably doesnt help her. It just feels so hopeless in the moment and i feel so bad for getting frustrated when i know it's not my daughters fault! I love her so much but i seriously am starting to get major anxiety when night time comes around because it's just such a nightmare.

Here's my crazy girl 💕