Anyone feel like their bump should be bigger?


Constant comments are driving me nuts.. Dr says baby boy is in the 53rd percentile for his weight, which is average. However.. Everyone who sees me in person, when they hear I'm 34 weeks their jaw drops.. they then say I'm "all baby" and "should be much bigger than I am".

Some compliment me for "carrying so well".. But most usually proceed to interrogate me about my eating and exercise habits. Anyone commenting on my size makes me super uncomfortable..I have a history of eating disorders and dealing with gaining weight has been a huge mental challenge for me. These comments have me unnecessarily worried, thinking is my doctor my baby too small?

I have a feeling if I were really big, I'd be getting the same jaw drops and interrogating but this time about eating too much food and not enough exercise. No one is ever happy 🙄

why can't people just understand all women and their babies are different? Each carry in their own way, and each bump whether you consider them small or large, are beautiful and should be celebrated and not judged on their size!