Ejaculating inside me

Kanani • Take the stick outta your ass 🥴🥴

Sooo me & my boyfriend are obviously trying to conceive (that’s why I’m here) and I just need help with positions if that even matters for ttc? I feel like no matter what position (I notice it more when I’m on bottom or top vs in front or sideways) his cum moves and kind of comes out or slides out of my vagina as soon as he pulls out. It happened right away last night when he pulled out and other times is maybe like 30 seconds to a minute. it feels like there’s a bunch of liquid coming out and I don’t know what to do. Is there such thing as a shallow vagina? Is there better positions to do? Does he cum so much that only a certain amount can race up towards my eggs and the rest just slides out? I just wanna make sure my body is actually taking his sperm and shooting up towards my eggs. Any advice?