Sex 1 week pp

Just looking for some feedback. I have no way of contacting my doctor until Monday. I had my baby last Friday.. no complications from the delivery. I’m hardly bleeding now.

But here’s where I am struggling. Last night me and my so got into a fight. It ended with really passionate kissing. Like kinda bonded and we haven’t had fhat in a long time let’s just say that. He started getting into the mood and I had to keep his hands off. My so has no self control sometimes, but I didn’t think he’d take it so far considering. He put it in and I kept trying to shove him off and tell him to stop and he wouldn’t. He’s never done this. I’m stil shocked and shaky this morning. He didn’t cum inside of me but he knows no sex for 6 weeks. It’s been 1!!!!!! He keeps saying how sorry he is and I’m just so upset . I feel so violated.

I called my sister and she told me to get a plan B for safety and to call the dr first thing Monday morning. I am so afraid for infections and just what that pill will do to my body since I’m still recovering from delivery and all.

Idk what I’m really asking here.. I guess I’m just so scared of something being wrong. Idk what to even do.