Not sure if I’m putting this in the right group lol


So my husband has been smoking weed for about 20 years, I did it like twice two years ago and decided a few weeks ago I wanted to try edibles.(we live in Nevada where weed is legal) I took my husbands advice instead of researching or anything and took 30 mg instead of the recommended 10 mg or even 5 for newbies(I googled this after I took them unfortunately). The first 30 minutes to an hour felt great but I knew it doesn’t really fully kick in for 2 hours, after about an hour I started uncontrollably laughing and then my brain was tricked into thinking I couldn’t breathe automatically so I had to manually breathe so I called him in because this happened before when I ate like 10 homemade gummies, I peed myself uncontrollably(happened last time too then a new one where I threw up happened and I threw up for like an hour until it finally wore off about 3-4 hours after I took it. My husband thinks I’m just not weed tolerant but I think I just took too much for a newbie. He doesn’t even feel 30 mg so he thinks I’m crazy for saying I think I took too much and will react the same no matter what dosage I take. But the internet research I did seems to agree with me. What do you think? He wouldn’t let me have another edible to test my theory lol