My girl best friend(the things I wrote are ofc fiction but I want to try these things with a girl)

Me and Ashlynn have been friends since we were young. We just got back from a party and we both were hella horny. We both look at each other biting our lips, then I cave in. I pin her up against the wall kissing her roughly hearing her soft ass moans. I slip my hand down her pants feeling her dripping wet pussy. I tease her and tease her. I begin to undress her and then myself. I pick her up and proceed to the bed. I begin to kiss her up and down her body. I reach her pussy and tease her. She l got tired of me teasing her so she jerks my head and puts it on her clit. I slick up and down slowly at first. Then I insert my tongue deep inside her. Going in and out fast. She can’t control her moans. I can feel she’s about to cum. So I put three fingers inside her. She then squirts💦💦 in my mouth. I lick it up👅then grab her hips placing her pussy on mines. We began rubbing our pussies together faster and faster. We moan “ah fuck I’m gonna come MOMMY IM GONNA CUM.” Our bodies shake then I ate her out until I made her squirt💦💦again. We lay they. She says”We have to go ago. That was fucking fantastic mommy.” I then sit up and get on top of her and put 3 fingers inside of her, “Oh we will babygirl we will.”