Baby is too sad to take a bottle at grandma’s


Every other week or so my husband and I try to get a babysat date in. The time has been shared pretty evenly by both sets of grandparents.

In the beginning he’d have no problem taking a bottle over there.

But after he turned 4 months and really seems to love his mom and dad more than other people, he seems to have a separation anxiety for me. He will be content with grandparents for a while, maybe even a few hours. But he won’t take his bottle, or he will only drink a little. There comes a certain point where he is SO upset that nothing will make him stop crying except for me. I rush in and scoop him up and the crying stops immediately. This could happen any time, it’s not due to me being away for a long time. Sometimes he freaks out 1 hour into it, sometimes he’s ok for 4 hours.

Anyone else dealing with this? He’s always full and it’s always after a nap when we go. My husband feeds him bottles no problem, so it’s not nipple confusion. He used to take bottles from grandparents.