Getting a YMCA membership has changed my life when it comes to mom burnout

I impulsively decided to get a membership to the YMCA. I was sick of feeling bad about my body and doing nothing for myself. I work from home and besides 10-15 hours a week max, I am also taking care of our baby. While I feel blessed to have that opportunity, I’m constantly exhausted. My husband is great but he works too and we are getting little sleep so we are beat and get almost no time together.

YMCA has child watch where they will watch your baby for two hours a day free while you are at the facility or you can do up to 3 hours of babysitting for $5 an hour if you want to go off premises.

My husband and I are now working out together. We can drop our baby off and work on getting ourselves healthier. We also get dedicated time together to actually have a conversation and we get to enjoy all the nice benefits of the YMCA like free classes, the sauna, the whirlpool. I’ve taken a shower there two days in a row without having to worry about a crying infant.

And with the babysitting we can use it for an impromptu night out. It feels great to be able to get fit, work on my relationship with my husband, and do something for me. It’s not cheap but it’s the best investment I think we’ve made in a while.