Heart attack or just pregnancy?

You ladies can probably help ease my mind lol.

So since yesterday I've had this pain in my right breast (I'll post a pic).

Usually hurts depending on now I lay, or sit up or cough or move. N it's only in 1 area. Sometimes does it radiate to the middle of my chest.

I am a hypochondriac so I overreact about everything. I was on "Quora" reading questions, came across one for "What does a heart attack feel like" so I read it. Horrible idea.

Some ppl said their ekgs came back normal, and the cardiac enzymes but it wasnt till a CT scan or chest x ray that determined a heart attack.

I went to the ER yesterday for this pain, they did an EKG n came back normal. They didnt bother doing a Troponin test (I think its the cardiac enzymes test) bc everytime they do, do it. It comes back normal range.

My BP was good it was 101/62 my hr was fluctuating a lot between 70 and 120 but I had a consistent normal sinus rhythm (had me on the monitor to watch me)

First pic is my breast pain. The black area is where I usually feel it most. The blue us where it will radiate occasionally.

The other pic is my left arm n the sharp pain I keep getting -.- am I just over reacting?

I do have PVCs and PACs along w Tachycardia.

Hurts when I breathe in n out sometimes too

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