I’m posting this because I’m 19 and I’m freaking out. My boyfriend and I had sex the other day, for the most part we used a condom but towards the end he let me know that he wasn’t feeling anything so I decided to let him take it off. Still nervous about my decision we proceeded to continue in which he did ejaculate, but he did so on my back. After we got cleaned up and everything I was still super freaked out about my decision and went to check my calendar. I then saw that I was within my fertile window, which then made me panic even more. I know he did cum inside of me but i’m still super worried about the possibility of precum. I don’t know if anyone else has been in a similar situation, and google is definitely no help, i just thought i’d post here in hope for some advice or something to calm my nerves so i don’t over stress and delay my next cycle.