Good way to apologize to someone?

So I’m on the 3rd floor of my apartment me, my 7mo old baby & her father. Well today we got into an argument & i yelled. Wasn’t right but it was seriously for 3 min then i walked away and stayed in our bedroom. 10 min later the cops come knocking on my door & open it!! I’m LIVID AT THIS POINT. They came to check make sure there was no domestic violence going on which is okay because i know that’s serious.. but to call the cops 10 min later & them walking into my house like they own it got me so mad!!! So i started banging on the floor because they told me first floor called which is a younger pregnant girl. She came to my door asking if i was okay & telling me she didn’t call the cops. I feel like complete shit for banging on the floor and it not being her. It was completely immature for me to do that i just feel worse because she’s pregnant. I apologized a few times & she told me it was okay she understands but what can i do to maybe show her how sorry i am? Bake her a cake? Any ideas I’d appreciate. Pls don’t come on here making me feel worse i know i was in the wrong but i was honestly so mad the police just walked into my house & they called 10 min later