Elise • Mommy of Charlotte 5-17-16 👧🏼 Rainbow Baby due April 2020 🌈

Hey April 2020 Moms!

I'm 4 weeks today and I've been having some lower back pain and intermittent abdominal cramping. My breasts are tender and I get a headache that comes and goes and switches sides. My appetite has significantly increased as well.

I'm specifically worried about the cramping. I know it's normal as long as it's not accompanied by heavy bleeding, but I'm looking for reassurance. Are any other moms having cramping throughout their day?

I miscarried in May and cramping was the first sign of my miscarriage. Shortly after I got brown spotting and the next morning it was bright red.

I've been checking for spotting and haven't had any. I'm trying not to worry myself, but it's so hard not to and I'm really anxious. We're hoping this one sticks.

My first appointment is August 26 and I'll be 5 weeks and 2 days.