I miss my ex..

This hurts for me to write but I just need advice or anything. I have ever only been in love two times, to my first bf and my ex. I'm currently in a wonderful relationship with a great guy who does everything for me. We have been together over a year and are expecting a baby in January. He gives me everything my ex never wanted to, but for some reason I still miss my ex. My ex was emotionally and mentally abusive and he cheated and always talked down on me and my family. I know he is toxic and I am the one who ended things, but my heart is still broken and I always think about him. I don't want people telling me to break up with my current boyfriend because I really do care for him and have love for him. I dont cheat or talk to my ex at all, i just want to know when/ if this feeling will ever go away. I want to be happy and fully into my current relationship and i try so hard to be but missing my ex and still being in love with him holds me back. Please share experiences and stories. 😭😥💔