Could this be positive?


So you can see how irregular my periods are. I had taken a pregnancy test and even went to get an ultrasound done just to confirm I wasn’t pregnant in March because I had missed a whole month. 😑I’ve been having sore breasts and I’ve been getting cramps the last mm I’d say a little under a week and this weird nasty discharge that will come out during the day at work and me thinking I just started my period (gross I know 🤮) but I go to check and it’s this cottage cheese consistency and sometimes I’ll notice like a little green for some reason.. could I have a yeast infection? As far as the pregnancy test I just took it about an hour ago and just one line filled up (C) I was like “oh cool ok I’m not pregnant” then I left it on the counter for a bit and was on my phone and I’d say about 6-8 minutes passed and I go to throw all the pregnancy test stuff away and I see what you all see in the photo.. a faint line (T). I know you’re supposed to dispose of like 3-4 minutes after too.. I have two more tests I was going to take one more in the morning since I know that’s the best time to take a test.. please give me your input! 😥Thank you in advance 😊

***UPDATE*** 😥🤔

This was a couple minutes ago I made sure to keep it in the 2-5 min range... idk! I took this picture little under 4 minutes after I tested. It says “positive result may appear as early as 60 seconds” I saw nothing on the (T) line in 60 seconds but the (C) was dark as can be lol. I also failed to mention that I bought these tests for shits and giggles not thinking I would be pregnant so I didn’t mind buying a couple $0.80 tests from Walmart. 😂 So these are pretty cheap tests! Does that matter? 😟 I’m going to try that last test in I’d say a day or two and also buy JUST ONE MORE digital one to get a straight up answer lol then we’ll go from there with whether I need to call my doctor or not 🤗

IM PREGNANT!!! See my latest comment 😭