Need advice

Pamala • FTM babygirl due oct 21 ❤️❤️

So. I started working as a house keeper when I was 5 months pregnant and she new I was pregnant when she hired me and even before given my mother works there and would share it with everyone from excitement. I am now 31 weeks on Monday. The hotel I work for is fairly small with only 3 housekeepers 3 front desk people and the boss. Mind you when she hired the 3rd housekeeper my boss disclosed my pregnancy to the girl in the interview. On top of that she has made it clear to two different co-workers that she is cutting my hours because of me getting bigger and she thinks it's getting harder on me (which it's not things are going very smoothly for me besides some hip pain and usual aches that come with the third trimester) she has also made it clear I will be the first one she will call off when there's lack of work because once again she thinks it's getting hard on me and it's not now mind you I had made it clear that I am fully able to do my job the only restriction I have is not to lift more then 40ib i have made it clear I do not need more then 2 days off a week and I want to work as long as possible and the things she has said has made it clear that she has been doing these things because I am pregnant. What would you's do in my situation? I personally think I could build a case against them for discrimination and apply for partial unemployment. Thoughts.advice ?