Labor? Scared shitless!

My C-section is scheduled for Wednesday. However, I’m scared things are starting now. Yesterday, I was having tons of discharge come out. Like every time I sat down I had goo come out of my vagina. Well right now I’m having back pain, and have had it for almost two hours now. Hospital visits are expensive as hell so I don’t want to go just to be turned around and told “see you Wednesday”. I’ve been laying down for a bit and when I went to stand up I felt so much pain in my stomach. I called for hubby, when he came to help me he said my stomach changed shape and looked lower (he knows nothing about a baby dropping). Feeling my stomach it feels like his ass is right in my pelvis. The pain is increasing. I’ve been walking around, drinking water. Nothing is slowing it down. I guess my question is, would you go to the hospital? At what point do you say it’s enough to get checked?