Why is she crazy? Baby mama


So my husband's ex who he has a child with(they were never married) is legit pschyo. She lives in Illinois we live in GA. Back when they was together, she went to visit her family for a few weeks, then turned around and told him she wasn't coming back because she wanted their son to know her family. He, is not from there and has a job here and she had promised to come back. She knew this from the beginning. They tried to do long distance but it fell apart because he knew she was never coming back. 

She is now pschyo because she wants him to be miserable and is only happy if he is alone. I have tried in the past to be nice to her for the sake of his son. She however is a LOONY. She'll text him calling him names asking for money constantly even though he pays child support. Refuses to let him video chat his son(hes 4) and doesn't even let him see pictures. She has everything blocked on Facebook but she uses fake accounts and has stolen pictures of us off mine and calls us names and talks about mine and his future child. Shes tried multiple times to break us up simply because she has nobody and nothing. She tells me she wants our child to die. 

We block her but she makes new accounts. Like its hard to explain the level of crazy she is. Some of the stuff she says makes no sense whatsoever. She says he cheated with me but they had been broken up for several months before he even and she was LIVING with a guy whenever me and my husband met. I have confirmation of this from her and him. She just now started this. She says if he comes to visit i am not allowed there and that our child is not their sons sibling?! Even tho she has let 4 different guys play daddy to him. 

Legally he pays child support, we dont have to communicate with her right? She doesnt tell him anything about his son anyways. He cant handle her crap anymore and wants nothing to do with her unless its about his son which she doesnt allow him to see or know anyways.