Story time - Family


Ugh where do i even begin...

I met the father of my child in high school back in 2010. We’ve been best friends and on and off since then. In 2018 our son was born. It was a rough patch for the both of us. During my pregnancy I didn’t wanna have anything to do with him. We separated and I blocked him on everything. I was a total bitch. March 2019 I ended up marrying another man so that I could go into the military because I didn’t think he would marry me. Currently I’m going through a divorce and my baby father and I are working things out.

I put this man on the highest pedestal for sticking by my side for all the bullshit I put him through throughout the past 9 years and for him to still be in love with me and look at my son and I as his most prized possessions makes me so grateful. I’m never taking him for granted. God put him in my life for a reason. I’m not messing up anymore.

These pictures were all taken about a week apart from each other. Clearly they like sleeping on me.

Lmk if you guys would like more updates or old pictures from the young days of us. I’ll see If I can dig them up