IUD Insertion yesterday


Hi girls! I just wanted to write a post about my experience with the IUD Insertion. I have the Mona lisa mini 5 Is like the paraguard in Canada. That's a copper iud. First, it was so hard to find a clinic and a doctor that could put it in. It took me almost 6 months hahaha. I found this clinic where their put iuds and do abortion. They were really nice a sweet. I was so stressed before my appointment. I thought I was going to vomit or past out because of the pain. I took 3 Advil one hour before. I go in and the doctor is super funny and nice. He puts a mask on my nose with some gaz to calm me down and make me feel less pain. He also put some local anesthesia down there. I was so fucking happy. I thought he was going to put it in with just the Advil to help me with the pain. I was so high because of the drugs. Hahaha it hurt a little. Like a really really intense cramps and that's it. It was really not that bad. I just bleed a little because I was at the end of my period, a bit that's it. Not to much pain. Don't be scared of everything you read on internet.

Dm if you have questions.