Catheter for cervix softening


UPDATE: it went in at 4:30 yesterday and just got taken out now. It was very unpleasant going and and the cramps from time to time were very tough but they gave me something for the pain and I powered through the night. Got at least a couple solid hours of sleep which has been normal for me the past month anyway 🤷🏻‍♀️

Thanks all for the advice

Anyone who has had this done can let me know what to expect, pain wise?

I didn’t really want to be induced but my blood pressure will not go down. I sat on a monitor for an hour this morning and at one point it hit 146/100. They don’t want me to wait any longer.

I am not dilated at all so they have to basically do the works on me which is scary but what’s also more scary is having high blood pressure and feeling just fine when I’m really not.

Any info would be appreciated, I’ve never broken a bone or had any kind of medical procedure my entire life, I’m semi freaking out 😬

Thanks. Officially having an August baby.