I don’t feel appreciated 🙃

My boyfriend and I have been together 4 years. I’m 23 and he’s 25. I currently have a full time job at a preschool chasing toddlers and babies. I work Monday-Friday 7am-4pm. He currently has no job he’s “looking”.... He complains about me falling asleep “too early” at night anytime I fall asleep before midnight. I wake up between 4:30 and 5:30 every morning. I come home the dishes aren’t washed. The bedroom is still a mess the bathroom is dirty, laundry piled up, and I feel like he is always wanting me to do something. (Make him food, do this, do that) I’m usually stuck doing chores whenever I can when I get home or on the weekend if I cant get to it. I feel like he never has a good word to say to me. He rarely asks me how my day was at work and if he takes a nap in the evening (which I dont want him to do because I feel like I hardly get to see him now.) he tells me he’s catching up on his sleep like I do when he falls asleep early. He just plays video games and plays on his phone all day while I’m at work. Not to mention the porn he watches. I dont have a problem with him masturbating the problem is he acts like he’s never in the mood when I get home because he’s already taken care of it.... I’m so tired from working especially lately I’ve been working overtime 7am-5pm because my job is short on staff. I’ve never thought about leaving him so much. Really hurts to feel like I’m being taken for granted...

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