I don't mean it, I really Love him


I am currently pregnant with our first and I am away from home

I texted my husband after we had a bit of a misunderstanding that I sometimes feel like I hate him but I don't. I didn't want to use irritate because I thought he would be more hurt,but I didn't think that hate is a strong word to use.

When I tried calling him he didn't pick up my calls(4times).

He called me asking if I have been lying to him all this time about loving him, I told him I Do and I didn't mean it that way. I tried to explain to him that I meant that I feel irritated when he talks about certain things and not every time.

He end up asking me what is the appropriate time to call me, I feel very bad about this all situation, I have apologized but still.

He is very hurt, I understand, I would be hurt too.

I need help, how can I handle this situation.

I Love him so much.