Top tips to reduce stress/obsession about getting pregnant and infertility?

I feel like a lot of ladies need tips regarding this including me. I'm nearly in my 3rd cycle ttc and for some reason my gut is telling me I'm going to have problems and I just feel so negative. I keep then beating myself up thinking "if you keep thinking negative you aren't ever going to get a positive pregnancy test"

Exercise.. My work requires me to do on average 10-25k steps each day and I work 5 days a week.. I also own horses etc so always busy and on my feet

Diet.. I make the conscious effort to get my 5 a day in by having soup daily for lunch whilst at work, this contains: sweet potato, carrot, spinach, broccoli, onion, ginger and garlic. It's delicious and full of goodness. For breakfast I have oats and for dinner I usually have vegetarian meals (I've cut out meat due to not really ever liking the taste and texture) all low fat. Drink at least 2litres a day, usually 3ltrs. Cut out caffeine and have a glass of wine on the odd occasion

Bmi: 25 borderline "overweight" however I fit into size 8 (UK) clothes, again due to my job, horses etc I'm definitely more muscle than fat, if I was any smaller I'd look malnourished

Supplements I'm currently taking: a general Prenatal, inofolic, maca, vit d3 and omega 3

Any other tips to have a positive outlook on getting pregnant? I just feel so hopeless and like I'm going to fail