What’s my next move?

I’ve been talking to this dude for over 2 months now. We hang out any chance we get when we’re not working. I’ve met all his friends. I’ve gone on a trip with them. Last weekend he got upset with me and I tried to contact him at first the next day. He didn’t reply so I waited. 4 days later he started to snap me again and we hung out. He told me he knew I was mad at him and that he was sorry for saying that. The whole weekend we hung out. He bought me food. He even kissed me goodbye twice, which is something he hadn’t done before.

Two days ago I snapped him a sexy pic and he said something sexy back. I sent him another one and he said something like “i can’t hang out with you bc my gf won’t let me”. There’s this girl at work that I call his “gf” as a joke. He calls someone else my “bf”. I told him he was joking and he kept saying he was serious. These snaps lasted a few hours. Then I texted him later asking why he was saying that and he kept going. I joked around and told him I was going to message her and did message her. I waited 30 mins then told him I was kidding and all he said was “k”. I texted him after asking why he was saying that and if he really doesn’t wanna hang tell me but he said nothing. I texted him yesterday asking about work and if he wanted to hang later this week and nothing. He’ll still view all my snap stories. I feel like he got annoyed that I was getting super annoyed. We work together (I know, don’t need to hear about dating coworkers) and I’m working the same shifts as him for the next 3 days. Idk if he’s gonna talk to me or what. I sort of want to ask him after one of the days if we can hang so we can talk or something, but also want to ignore him just like he’s doing to me. Idk if he’s going to come back like he did last week, I’ve just been stressing so much because I really thought we were connecting more after this weekend.