Upsetting News

Taytay • Mom - Wife - Jeepher

So, I had a miscarriage at 4w5d at the end of July. My first appointment was suppose to be next week. On top of that, it seems like everyone on my timeline is pregnant. One girl just found out her baby is a girl, which breaks my heart because I really feel mine was and that’s what I wanted (I have a wonderful son already). Another girl just announced that’s she’s pregnant and due...2 days before what would have been my due date (so I know her entire pregnancy is going to upset me). There’s also been a couple of other announcements (births, gender and pregnancy in general) just this week. I really want to be happy for them, but I’m finding it hard. Before all of these, I really thought I was over it and that only the major dates would hurt. But I guess I was wrong.