cephalohematoma 😩


I had my daughter on August 8th by c section, during my surgery I remember hearing my doctor say she was still high up but I couldn’t see anything because I was covered by that blue sheet.. A few hours after she was born I noticed a bump on her head the paediatrician said that it would get hard then go away on its own within 7 days.. I was released home after two days. My daughter is now 1 week & 6 days old and the bump is still there.. Hasn’t hardened. I looked it up online and im almost 100% sure it’s a cephalohematoma.. I also read it happens from a birth injury. With tools being used to assist such as a vacuum or forceps.. HOW could my daughter possibly have a cephalohematoma from a c section delivery 😭 Has any other c section moms experienced this??