Punctured by the dick 😂


Ladies I have a genuine question and story here for you guys.

So tonight I was having sex with my partner (fwb) and it was going great, he pulls out and goes to put it back in me and misses..

He hit the crease between my labia and my vagina, neither of us thought anything of it so we kept going. We both finished and it was really great, then I went to the bathroom...

I noticed there was blood, I thought “maybe he just was a little rough and I wasn’t wet enough”- til I look a little further and it looks like where he tried to enter me and missed had split open and was bleeding. It wasn’t a lot but it seemed like enough to raise some concern, upon Googling it said that cuts on the labia usually heal themselves in about a week to 10 days.

Has anyone else had something similar happen? Or dealt with cuts on their labia and how to treat them?

I don’t think it’s serious enough to see a doctor over but I still want to be cautious and make sure it heals properly before doing anything else sexually.